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      Chris Mersinger, D.C.

      Chris Mersinger, D.C.

      Chris Mersinger, D.C.

      Willowbrook Chiropractor

      “Today's healthcare offers so many options. We've designed our practice to offer you a variety of care for your complete body health and wellness.”

      An Education Second To None

      “What a doctor does with his or her education makes all the difference in the care you receive. I use the things I've learned to help you get out of pain and stay the way, and I do it in the manner that shows how much I care”

      • Bachelor of Science, Pre-Med (Louisiana State University, 1992-1997)
      • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration (Louisiana State University, 1992-1997)
      • Bachelor of Science, Anatomy (Parker College of Chiropractic, 1997-2000)
      • Doctor of Chiropractic (Parker College of Chiropractic, 1997-2000)

      Professional Memberships

      “Memberships in professional associations allows me to draw from the experience of my peers. We can discuss effective techniques and generally build our base of knowledge in order to benefit you, the patient.”

      Up-to-date Techniques

      “My education didn't stop when I graduated from school. Through continuing education, I am constantly able to improve the care that I provide you.”

      Dr. Mersinger regularly takes continuing education courses in such areas as the treatment of whiplash, headaches, and the orthopedic and neurological care. He also has a special interest in wellness care, and sports related injuries, and rehabilitation.

      • Proficient in ten adjusting techniques including:
        • Diversified
        • Thompson
        • Gonstead
        • Activator
        • Extra Spinal
        • Flexion/Distraction
        • Upper Cervical
        • SOT
        • Logan Basic
        • Cox
      • Has experience adjusting newborns, adolescents, and geriatrics
      • Completed over 271 hours of Advanced Radiological Imaging (MRI, CT, and Bone Scans)

      Helping wherever needed

      “To be a doctor is to care for the health and welfare of all. It is a responsibility I take seriously, and it's the reason I go to such lengths to make sure my patients are satisfied with the care they receive.”

      • Guest Speaker for the community, schools, businesses, police, and fire departments
      • Sponsor of educational dinner seminars
      • Scoliosis and blood pressure screenings for health clubs, health fairs, schools, and industries
      • Fundraiser for the United Way Campaign

      Understanding Your Concerns

      “We will work together to achieve your health care goals through chiropractic and progress. I look forward to continuing to deliver the highest quality healthcare and service to my patients”

      “Our state-of the-art clinic is designed to give you the best chance for recovery and maintenance of the health.”

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