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Meet Heather Zachary, Massage Therapist

Heather has been working in the spa industry since she was 16, always having a passion for helping others feel their best. As she progressed in her career, she developed a goal to help people get out of pain and improve their range of motion—this ultimately led to a career change as a Massage Therapist.

Heather specializes in offering effective deep tissue massage that won’t leave you feeling sore—she spends time using the myofascial release technique which allows her to get into muscles more effectively than other therapists. In addition, she also offers therapeutic massage, sports massage, and more. She’ll always listen to your concerns to ensure you feel heard and develop a custom care plan for your needs.

As she puts it, “Every person is a puzzle piece—I look at everyone as an individual and develop a session that’s going to work for their body best.”

At DuPage Pain Management, Ltd., Heather now works with patients of all walks of life to help them overcome a number of issues, from neck problems to carpal tunnel, sports injuries, headaches, arthritis, stress, and everything in between.

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Learn more about Heather when you book your visit with us—she can’t wait to welcome you to the practice and learn more about your natural health goals.


Heather Zachary, Massage Therapist at DuPage Pain Management, Ltd. | (630) 887-9400